Arietta of Spirits Original Soundtrack now available!

The Original Soundtrack for Arietta of Spirits is now available for purchase on Support the development by buying the OST. Includes 23 tracks and 5 bonus tracks, totaling over 76 minutes of music.


  1. Arietta of Spirits Main Theme
  2. Summer Waltz
  3. A Warm Summer Day
  4. The Wasp Queen
  5. Sadness
  6. Sleepy Time
  7. An Unknown Place
  8. Mystery Theme
  9. Gather Your Courage
  10. Deep Forest
  11. Battle Time!
  12. Bloodflowers
  13. Game Over
  14. Past the Overgrown Path
  15. Gibb's Theme
  16. The Climb to the Mine
  17. Dark Caverns
  18. Menacing
  19. Sunken Realm Theme
  20. The Final Showdown
  21. Demise
  22. Escape from the Sunken Realm
  23. The End of an Adventure
  24. Bonus Track - Trailer Music 1
  25. Bonus Track - Trailer Music 2
  26. Bonus Track - The Wasp Queen (Ringtone Version)
  27. Bonus Track - Waltz for the Ages (Demo Ending Version)
  28. Bonus Track - Waltz for the Ages (Orchestral Full Version)

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