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I was really enjoying the game, and got soft-locked 40 minutes in. I'd just gotten the conduit, and I decided to go back a 'room'. This spawned me outside of the playable area, and saved the game, so going back to last save doesn't help. I can't get back in bounds, and reloading the game doesn't help...

Sorry about that! :/ And thanks for the bug report. We were able to reproduce it and will fix it :)

Wonderful game. If I had to nitpick, I'd say maybe a bit much for dialogue, but I'm looking forward to the full release regardless.

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Very good gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Really interesting demo and a touching story. Looking forward to the full release. :)

finished the demo! premiere is live now! check it out! awesome job guys!

you should make it just before your swing has ended you can press c and it will swing after the animation has finished

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Interesting game with lovely graphics. You have to play it

I love the way it looks, also nice work with cut scenes and story.

I love everything about this. Honestly. It's one of the most fun, touching, beautifully created things I've seen.

Everything from the bouncy pixelated animation to the battle mechanics to the wonderful characters is pulled off to near perfection, and I was genuinely sad to get to the end of the demo because I just want so much more!

If you've got a hole in your life that's shaped like an old-school adventure/action game, then this is the game to fill that void for ya! It's funny, quirky, flows like a dream and leaves you feeling all good about yourself afterwards.

To the amazing people working on this game, keep up the amazing work, I honestly enjoyed this more than mere words can describe! Viva Arietta! =)

Hello there, I enjoyed playing the demo very much, what with the combat requiring proper timing to execute and how the boss fights required the player to be careful instead of going in guns-blazing, though it was a little text-heavy, especially when Arco and Arrie's father are doing the talking.

All in all, it was satisfying to play, and I look forward playing the full game once it's released :D

So cozy game, go ahead and expand it. Looks like many people like it and me too!

What a beautiful game! Thanks devs.

Hey There, I played and made a video on some of the demo, hopefully i can continue it but I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but whenever i went into another area or into the house, the window would go to my other screen, i dont know why but it happened everytime, but other than that, i really enjoy this game sooo much and hopefully i can continue! =]  

Deleted 2 years ago

Whoops, a crash at the end. We'll fix it :)

I've written a detailed review for this game. I hope you like it. ;)

Great game, had a lot of fun with it. Surprisingly emotional. Great aesthetic and sounds. Keep going =]

I intended to record only part of the demo, but I wound up playing and recording the entire thing! It's truly a great game, especially if you like overhead real time ARPG battles along with Stardew Valley-like visuals. The story's also pretty decent so far (and I enjoy Arrie's reaction to the Sword). I've linked my full demo playthrough below, if you'd like to see it! Be warned though, it's nearly an hour long! XP

This game looks great. Any chance this is getting a Mac build/demo?

We would love to have a Mac build too, but at the moment we are only focusing on the PC version, so maybe later :)

Ok cool, I'll be on the lookout in case you do. Thanks for replying!

Great art & music! Also liked the boss battles very much, I think this is were the combat really shines - Cool attacks and nice telegraphed animations. Especially liked the Trail boss :)

Fun times were had after I hit a chunk of wood right before talking to dad.

This bug is fixed in the newest build. :)

Fantastic game, really looking forward to the full version, the art style reminds me of Stardew Valley, and the story is really good.

I absolutely lovd the demo. Didn't play through all of it but what I did was amazing. I definitely plan on getting the full game when it comes out.

Last video

Made another video

You know what's sad about this.*Opens game* *Presses windows key* *Looks at the bar to see where the games icon is*

Icon:*Doesn't show*

. . .Great now I have to listen to double music. . .I can't even close :w:

Sorry you encountered a bug :( Are you on Windows 10? Sometimes in launch the game hides in the background, but you can bring it back up by pressing alt+tab. We are looking into fixing this issue :)

I don't really know .-. all I know is that this computer is an acer im going to check later if this is a windows 10 cuz I honestly dunno

Ok I found out what my com is and it is windows 10

This game is full of promises. With real "secret of mana" vibes, it's so pleasant to play! Characters and story seem interesting and you can feel the love put into this game. Great work!

Coming to play from the steam failure today!

This looks gorgeous! Im gonna give it a go later :D

Made a video

this is so good! it needs to make a release on Nintendo Switch!

Console development is hell and the smaller the developer the smaller the chance that it will get some profit out of it.

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This game was just a nice suprise. It's hard to find so many good things in an indie game, sometimes you get good action but without personality or good writing. But I found in it every aspect that makes a good game for me, well crafted characters, beautiful animations and drawings, good sountrack, etc.

I'm looking forward for the complete game and I will definitely buy it.

I had a great time with this! Gameplay, art, and music are all great! I had a minor issue with the game skipping a frame every now and again (I tried messing with some settings but it didn't fix the issue). Regardless it didn't take away from the experience too much. Highly recommend if you enjoy the gameplay of Secret of Mana, and the aesthetics of Stardew Valley! Props to the developers, will absolutely be keeping an eye in this.

Thanks for playing and sorry about that crash! We'll fix it! :)

That's absolutely fine, the game was still great to play! I wish you the best of luck.

A glorious demo of what's shaping up to be a possible breakout title.

Although it starts off a bit slow, Arietta of Spirits is a fantastic top-down action adventure game in the making. It evokes several games in its execution: Stardew ValleyThe Legend of ZeldaCrossCode, and every 2D game with the Dark Souls dodge roll, among others. Yet, it keeps its own distinct feel and charm that sets it apart from other games.

Graphically, it does have that Stardew Valley feel, and it works without feeling like a blatant rip-off.

The sound and music is phenomenal. The sound effects do resemble those of Zelda, but the music sets itself apart. Save the boss battles and dramatic moments, the music is surprisingly chill.

The gameplay is alright, mixing Zelda and Souls-like into a fluid affair. I am a little turned off at the slow attacking; I feel, with a game like this, a faster attack would greatly improve the playability.

Overall, Arietta of Spirits is a game to watch in 2020. If the devs continue to improve an already great demo, there's no doubt in my mind that this will be a possible breakout indie title when it's released.

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this game is fantastic !! i really excited to play the full version but i would like if you add more languages in game because im italian and would like to ready the story in italian

great game. My only problem was there was soo much dialog...Regardless i really enjoyed it so thank you!

god this game is beautiful !  very calming from what i played ! cant wait till the official release ! 

Beautiful game. The music is awesome as well as the character design. The story also quickly pulls the player in. Looking forward to play the full game. Below is my nitpicky criticism, as a fellow developer working on a game with similar gameplay elements. 

- Scene transitions feel a bit abrupt. I think a quick transition effect will make the game seem more polished and professional. 

- The path to the apple tree, also the path to the ring feel a little bit too long. This is because new gameplay mechanics, enemies, or even new tiles/decorative objects are rarely introduced. Almost all scenes were probably created with a limited number of tiles, and it shows at times. 

- There is no incentive to killing enemies. Rolling through everything to get to the goal seems to be the optimal strategy.

- The player cannot walk behind cliffs. This might be a design choice to avoid occlusions, but I think it subtracts from the illusion of height difference. 

- Wasps can fly through cliffs, but since they don't actually change their height, it looks a little unnatural when they do. 

I am pretty sure some of these things are already on your list. As I said, these are really nitpicks, and I had a really positive experience playing through the demo.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked the demo. We'll look into these :)

Keep it up Such an Amazing game!!  

such a beautiful and moving game.  i look forward to playing the complete game.  

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