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This game has so much potential! Looking forward for the full release and I hope there are more content to come. I would like to recommend adding a weapon system where you can change your weapons whether you like your weapon to be ranged or melee and more, a weapon system in a game like this would be awesome! Keep up the good work.

can u  make that its play able and not down

load it pls i really like the game!

The build downloadable on the game's page is working. Can you not open it?

I think they're asking for an html/browser version.

May I ask of you to add platform tags to the game's page? The Itch desktop app uses them to detect if there's a system compatible download available.

Done. It was left out of the newest build. Thank you!

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Mild spoilers for the game, play it befre you read this.

Critque for the game:

I loved it! It was really amazing, I loved the story writing, and wish to see how this develops!


Great graphics and soundtrack (pixxel art is absolutely stunning)

The interactions with objects was a nice touch

Lots of attention to detailed and veery polished

No  uneccessary holding your hand stuff


Moveset was unfortunately only limited to one move, making combat very difficult

Bats were sometimes hard to see in the later half of the  game

Lack of screen transition, making the game seem clunky when it honestly wasn't 

Rolling animation seemed, lackluster? I don't know, it just didn't look fluid

Playstyle was not fast paced combt but mostly stealth and hit and run due to the moveset


3.5 or 4 out of 5

Wish to try the full game soon

edit: Arco's expression doesn't change during the boss cutscene, might want to check that

Nice! Thank you for the comments! :)

Really cool game with so much potential. I had so much fun playing this! I really can't wait until the full game is released.

Thank you ! :)

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Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the demo. The art style is wonderful (and adorable!), the combat fluid, and I love the story thus far. I'm very much looking forward to being able to play the whole thing!

Edit: As someone who doesn't use QWERTY, thanks for the keybinding options!

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

I loved the game, the graphics are so beautifulls. Can't wait to play the full version <3

Thanks a lot!

Cute game! Can't wait to see the full game! Keep me posted.

Thanks for playing!

Deleted post

The full game will be not be free. :) We haven't decided on the price quite yet. 

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I've played through the demo, beat the boss and won it.
I'm very into the story and love everything so far! 8)
Just a request:
I love retro games like this. I don't play many modern 3D type games at all.
I have enjoyed many of the retro style games that have been coming out.
However, many of them start out great but eventually become too hard.
I like the level this game is at right now and of course, I expect it to become
more difficult as it progresses... Just don't make it infuriating please! 8)
Maybe different skill levels to choose from title screen?
I feel I've been burnt by games that start off great but eventually become
so difficult they are impossible and not at all fun, CATHEDRAL is one.
That game started off great but eventually became so stupid hard that it
was not fun at all and I gave up.

Thanks for listening and great job, I am looking forward to this game!
Please make sure to release it on ITCH.IO as I do not use STEAM.
I don't know why but many games which start on ITCH.IO seem to only
put the demo out there, but then when the game is released, they only
release it on STEAM. I think ITCH.IO deserves support. 8)

P.S. - Is there any ETA on the release date? 8)

Hi! Thanks for playing the demo, we're glad you enjoyed it! 

We want the game to be accessible to as many players as possible and aim to keep the difficulty level balanced. Being able to choose a difficulty is something we have considered in implementing.

We like as well and will definitely be releasing the game here too :)

No ETA on the release date yet, but we'll post it as soon as we know.

what is ETA i serach on google and this is a terrorism group just curiosity 


I was really enjoying the game, and got soft-locked 40 minutes in. I'd just gotten the conduit, and I decided to go back a 'room'. This spawned me outside of the playable area, and saved the game, so going back to last save doesn't help. I can't get back in bounds, and reloading the game doesn't help...

Sorry about that! :/ And thanks for the bug report. We were able to reproduce it and will fix it :)

Wonderful game. If I had to nitpick, I'd say maybe a bit much for dialogue, but I'm looking forward to the full release regardless.

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Very good gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Really interesting demo and a touching story. Looking forward to the full release. :)

finished the demo! premiere is live now! check it out! awesome job guys!

you should make it just before your swing has ended you can press c and it will swing after the animation has finished

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Interesting game with lovely graphics. You have to play it

I love the way it looks, also nice work with cut scenes and story.

I love everything about this. Honestly. It's one of the most fun, touching, beautifully created things I've seen.

Everything from the bouncy pixelated animation to the battle mechanics to the wonderful characters is pulled off to near perfection, and I was genuinely sad to get to the end of the demo because I just want so much more!

If you've got a hole in your life that's shaped like an old-school adventure/action game, then this is the game to fill that void for ya! It's funny, quirky, flows like a dream and leaves you feeling all good about yourself afterwards.

To the amazing people working on this game, keep up the amazing work, I honestly enjoyed this more than mere words can describe! Viva Arietta! =)

Hello there, I enjoyed playing the demo very much, what with the combat requiring proper timing to execute and how the boss fights required the player to be careful instead of going in guns-blazing, though it was a little text-heavy, especially when Arco and Arrie's father are doing the talking.

All in all, it was satisfying to play, and I look forward playing the full game once it's released :D

So cozy game, go ahead and expand it. Looks like many people like it and me too!

What a beautiful game! Thanks devs.

Hey There, I played and made a video on some of the demo, hopefully i can continue it but I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but whenever i went into another area or into the house, the window would go to my other screen, i dont know why but it happened everytime, but other than that, i really enjoy this game sooo much and hopefully i can continue! =]  

Deleted 2 years ago

Whoops, a crash at the end. We'll fix it :)

I've written a detailed review for this game. I hope you like it. ;)

Great game, had a lot of fun with it. Surprisingly emotional. Great aesthetic and sounds. Keep going =]

I intended to record only part of the demo, but I wound up playing and recording the entire thing! It's truly a great game, especially if you like overhead real time ARPG battles along with Stardew Valley-like visuals. The story's also pretty decent so far (and I enjoy Arrie's reaction to the Sword). I've linked my full demo playthrough below, if you'd like to see it! Be warned though, it's nearly an hour long! XP

This game looks great. Any chance this is getting a Mac build/demo?

We would love to have a Mac build too, but at the moment we are only focusing on the PC version, so maybe later :)

Ok cool, I'll be on the lookout in case you do. Thanks for replying!

Great art & music! Also liked the boss battles very much, I think this is were the combat really shines - Cool attacks and nice telegraphed animations. Especially liked the Trail boss :)

Fun times were had after I hit a chunk of wood right before talking to dad.

This bug is fixed in the newest build. :)

Fantastic game, really looking forward to the full version, the art style reminds me of Stardew Valley, and the story is really good.

I absolutely lovd the demo. Didn't play through all of it but what I did was amazing. I definitely plan on getting the full game when it comes out.

Last video

Made another video

You know what's sad about this.*Opens game* *Presses windows key* *Looks at the bar to see where the games icon is*

Icon:*Doesn't show*

. . .Great now I have to listen to double music. . .I can't even close :w:

Sorry you encountered a bug :( Are you on Windows 10? Sometimes in launch the game hides in the background, but you can bring it back up by pressing alt+tab. We are looking into fixing this issue :)

I don't really know .-. all I know is that this computer is an acer im going to check later if this is a windows 10 cuz I honestly dunno

Ok I found out what my com is and it is windows 10

This game is full of promises. With real "secret of mana" vibes, it's so pleasant to play! Characters and story seem interesting and you can feel the love put into this game. Great work!

Coming to play from the steam failure today!

This looks gorgeous! Im gonna give it a go later :D

Made a video

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