Arietta of Spirits OUT NOW on Steam

Arietta of Spirits is now available on Steam! To celebrate the launch of the game, we offer you a -10% launch discount! This offer is available for one week, so grab it while you can!


We wish you exciting moments while delving into the world of Arietta of Spirits!

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why isnt it free :< i wanted to try but its ok i guess

There is a free demo. :)

now thats what i call pogchamp


Are you not planning on selling it on From what I know, itch takes a smaller cut right?


From what I read, Itch lets the content creator choose how big will be Itch’s cut.

Also, to the dev: I’d be interested in buying it here too.


Yes, we have plans on releasing the game here too! :)


It's now available here on as well!

Congratulations to the release! May I ask if the game has DRM (Steamworks)? Or does it run without the client? I noticed that many indie-devs sell their games DRM-free on Steam and I'd purchase it on Steam if that'd be the case here.

Just purchased the game. The Steam versions seems indeed to be DRM-free, I can start it without the client running. :D